Volume 3, Issue 2, September 2014

Table of Contents


Ethics, Empathy and Innovation in Services-Best Practice of Hospital Marketing  | 
Mohammad Imran Jaffrey
Total views: 343
Efficacy of Dynamic Brace on Idiopathic Spasmodic Torticolis: A Case Study  | 
Smita Nayak, Rajesh Kumar Das 337-340
Total views: 274
A Population Based Study on the Health Seeking Behaviour among the Fishermen Community for their Illness in Ennore Creek  | 
Gomathy Parasuraman, Arun T. Mithrason, B. W. C. Sathyasekaran, G. Palani, M. Anitha Rani, G. Aishwarya 341-349
Total views: 343
Health Communication in Non-Fatal Illness Care Using ICT: A Five-Layer Model  | 
M. S. Bexci, R. Subramani 350-356
Total views: 285